Metro K-15

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Standard Features:

Baking chamber
The carefully studied design of the chamber and the 3 turbines, distribute the air perfectly, allowing fast, homogeneous baking on all the trays.

Control panel
Possibility to choose between three types of panels.
BASIC: Electromechanical keypad and «motorised vent damper.
STANDARD: 10 programs and programable dumper.
PREMIUM: 100 programs, programable dumper, additional information on cooking and access to SALVALINK.

Energy efficient
Due to SALVAs new innovations in energetic matter, it has achieved that the oven Metro is energetically the most efficient.

Safety system
Inside the new “Metro” oven, it has been included a hands-free opening system, called “Trapped-man“, providing greater safety to operators.

Ergonomics, economy and safety
It incorporates technical improvements that make the daily work and maintenance more comfortable, economic and easier, taking every detail into account.

Redesigned door
The product guarantees greater life cycle thanks to the high resistance of the turning axes that have been incorporated, along with the triple insulated glass that reduces energy losses.

Robust and reliable handle
Marking the personality of SALVA and providing at the same time comfort to the user and greater life cycle to the product.